The Problem

As the world’s global foodservice leader, Sysco seeks to accelerate growth in Latin America by investing in digital commerce and standardizing to a single ecommerce platform. In order to enter the market quickly, Sysco wanted to start with an ecommerce site containing a minimum set of features and chose their Costa Rican company Mayca to launch this pilot project. Once the Mayca site was launched, this site was used to launch a similar ecommerce site for Sysco Panama. With these two launches completed, Sysco’s next step is to launch in Mexico through their company Pacific Star, with additional rollouts for the rest of Latin America.

Wanting a leading-edge ecommerce platform, Sysco has chosen Magento Commerce Cloud and after an extensive review process to identify a Magento partner, Sysco selected ObjectWave in September 2018 thanks to ObjectWave’s extensive expertise with Magento, LATAM experience and their 100% success rate.

To fully leverage the features and capabilities of Magento and deliver the best user experience for Sysco Users, ObjectWave conducted a Discovery, which focused on the following:

Review Sysco’s Latin America ecommerce strategy and “Customer First” model.

Introduce ecommerce in the context of digital transformation.

Define personas and identify the customer journey.

Review and prioritize key Magento features and capabilities to deliver a Minimum Viable Product (MVP) that could be implemented in fiscal year 2019.



ObjectWave worked with Sysco to implement the following key features:

  • Single Magento instance with multiple storefronts for each Sysco entity
  • Personalization through integration with ERP and Magento customizations:
  • Customer specific pricing, and product status.
  • Enhanced interaction with customers through customizations such as carousels to provide recommendations and best sellers.
  • Creation of module that helps customers order products based on recipes.
  • User experience improvement from efficient management and display of massive images through Fastly, facets search and layered navigation with Elasticsearch, to order management suchs as multiple wish lists, quote management, and multi-region tax management.

Partnering with Sysco to implement these key features, ObjectWave worked for three sites with the ultimate goal of standardizing Sysco’s B2B ecommerce capabilities on a single platform. ObjectWave approaches all Magento engineering with a consultative mindset, solving the root causes of any concerns, not just issuing a quick fix or patch.

Sysco sought a long-term partner because with extensive ecommerce experience and knowledge of the Latin American culture. The chosen partner must be able to deliver a complete solution quickly, using out-of-the box functionality for an expedited launch.



ObjectWave is excited to continue serving Sysco throughout the LATAM region for ongoing support and maintenance as well as strategic planning for future system upgrades and migrations. With the launch of the Costa Rica and Panama sites, Sysco’s Magento B2B implementation is well on its way to becoming a force multiplier for sales growth initiatives.

Sysco now has the additional capability of competing with non-traditional foodservice competitors such as Amazon and Walmart with an ecommerce platform providing an enhanced Customer Experience through:

  • Expanded access to the catalog—creating a B2C type of ”shopping” experience.
  • Product recommendations based on customer segmentation and purchasing behaviors.
  • Ease of doing business with Sysco.
  • Free up time from ‘order taking’ to focus on more value-added ‘consultative’ activities.

By launching these sites, Sysco provides their customers with a unique shopping experience tailored to their individual product line, giving personalized, relevant recommendations for each customer.