We’re in the heart of summer but the holiday shopping season looms large. Can your ecommerce site stand up to the stress? Now is the time to find out with ObjectWave’s Remote Stress Test service.

What is a Remote Stress Test?
To conduct a remote stress test, ObjectWave’s expert engineers will measure your ecommerce site’s performance and functionality under the most challenging conditions to determine whether or not your site is ready to handle Black Friday traffic – all without accessing or altering your site’s code or infrastructure. After the test, we deliver a report that empowers you to proactively address any weaknesses and maximize your uptime.

What’s involved?

• First we measure the key activities in your site’s customer journey.

– Landing Page loading time

– Search loading time

– Adding product to cart loading time

– Deleting product to cart loading time

– Checkout before payment

• Then we design a personalized script for your site with the key activities.

• Next we run tests on each key activity with an increasing number of external users to determine your site’s capacity without needing to access or alter your site’s code or infrastructure.

• Finally, we analyze the results and create your custom report.

What can I expect?

The final report will show current results and actionable recommendations to improve the following metrics:

• Site speed

• Website configuration analysis

• Number of users that your site can support

• Command response time by number of users

• Loading time of each of these activities

How do I get started?

Click here to request a quote for your remote stress test. Investing in a stress test now will save you stress later by ensuring your site is ready to handle the rigors of the holiday shopping season!

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