At ObjectWave, we use Type Analyzer for SAP Commerce Cloud (Hybris) (OTAH) to assist us in enforcing good engineering practices for our clients. OTAH is an excellent complement to code reviews, well-defined processes and enforced accountability, and you get results in minutes!

What does it do exactly?

OTAH looks at the custom extensions of your system and reports to you whether SAP Commerce Cloud (Hybris) and Java best practices have been followed and where violations exist. It is our way to look at the customization and learn whether our client’s technology team has followed good engineering practices.

Our team at ObjectWave are experts on SAP Commerce Cloud (Hybris) best practices. If you would like to to take advantage of OTAH at zero cost and learn how it can work for you, please fill out the form to request a consultation, or call us directly at 312.269.0111.

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“The OTAH tool allowed us to quickly identify issues in our SAP Commerce Cloud (Hybris) architecture. They put a lot of work into this and I still can’t believe it’s free.” -Large US retailer.

“The best thing about this tool is that is gives you high, medium, and low priority site violations. We quickly fixed our biggest problems and site performance improved right away.” -Large US retailer.

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