Magento’s rich, out-of-the box functionality offers e-tailers limitless options to create and customize rich customer experiences.  Combined with Marketo, businesses can streamline and optimize their marketing efforts to better align their sales and marketing teams, generate better leads, execute personalized campaigns and improve their overall marketing efforts to help increase their conversion ratio.

Marketo integration gives automation for syncing the data from Magento to Marketo platform. There are various data sets such as customer data, purchase history of the customer, and browsing behavior. Once this data is available in Marketo, Marketers are then able to use all the Marketo tools and techniques to run effective campaigns.

Key Features:

  • Mapping of fields between Magento and Marketo
    • Allows implementation of Marketo features within Marketo Admin rather than through code customizations
    • Minimizes the need for updating the extension whenever there are changes on the Magento or Marketo
    • Use of Marketo custom fields to map Magento fields that do not exist in Marketo
  • Synchronization of the most up-to-date customer data from Magento to Marketo
  • Tracking of Customer Journey through use of Marketo Munchkin code


Once fields are mapped from Magento to Marketo the following are possible:

Customizable Mapping

  • Allows customization of installation attributes and configuration marketo payload as you wish
  • Synchronization of Magento custom attributes with Marketo
  • Examples include:
    • New customer created in Magento
    • New order in Magento
    • New product in Magento
    • New sales order generated
    • New sales order invoice generated
    • New sales shipment generated
    • New sales credit memo generated

Triggerable Events:

Field mapping and use of Marketo Munchkin code enables triggerable events based on customer behavior such as downloading of content or product visits.

Lead/Opportunity CRUD Operations

Create, retrieve, update, and delete custom object records

Abandoned Cart Tracking

  • Enables abandoned cart campaigns through the use of existing and custom Marketo triggers and filters

Magento Promotions available to Marketo Campaigns

Promotions created in Magento can be mapped to Marketo and available for use in campaigns.  Examples include:

  • Free shipping
  • Coupon codes for abandoned carts
  • Fixed discount promotions
  • Dynamic discount promotions

History Synchronization and Customer Journey tracking

  • All mapped fields are synchronized with with Magento
  • Browsing history (page visits) are tracked within Marketo

Leveraging the Capabilities of Marketo:

With the mapping of Magento data and recording of page visits, the full view of the customer behavior and journey is available to Marketers in Marketo.  Segmentation of the customer based on customer information, demographics, purchase history, and website behavior enables full use of Marketo’s capabilities.

Run rich email and nurture campaigns through the use of purchase data to personalize and trigger campaigns.

Marketers can use segmentation, browsing activity, purchase activity, and demographic information to run rich email and nurture campaigns.  Examples include:

Cart Abandonment Program

Track your customers as they use your shopping cart and instantly profile them.  If customers leave without paying, highly targeted, personalized emails, with pictures of the abandoned cart products and links back to your site can be sent to them, so they can return and buy.

Automate Triggered Email

Automate triggered emails based on customer behavior such as purchase history and areas of product interest.

Product Recommendations

Increase the ROI of your email marketing by personalizing the content and contact frequency of emails sent to each customer.  This is achieved by profiling customers based on their trackable data

ROI of Marketing Activities

Easily report on the revenue generated in Magento and the ROI of individual campaigns in Marketo, as well as the overall effect of higher-level marketing initiatives on revenue.

Email Nurturing

Reduce the rate of cart and browse abandonment and increase conversions by retargeting shoppers with email nurturing programs after they have left a website.