Is SAP Hybris Commerce right for you?
Selecting the right e-commerce platform is no easy task. Options abound, and a solution that works spectacularly well for one business likely won’t provide the same results for another. Organizations need to focus on finding the best fit for their specific operations and plans for growth.

B2B, B2C and enterprise capabilities
SAP Hybris has long been recognized for its power in terms of B2B commerce. A B2B feature set covering the exacting needs of the modern B2B buyer – including Custom Catalogs, Custom Pricing, Multi-dimensional Products, Price quote requests and easy customizations – makes it a strong choice for B2B companies as well as their customers – who expect a retail purchasing experience.

SAP Hybris also has a strong B2C solution with an extensive set of modules covering all aspects of retail e-commerce. Customers who want a quick solution can opt for the B2C Accelerator which allows for rapid deployment of a robust ecommerce solution that includes fully integrated product content and web content management, search and merchandising capabilities, integrated hosted payment, fully responsive web design, ready-to-use storefront templates and much more.

Customizations and a Microservice Marketplace
SAP Hybris is deeply customizable, and enterprises have valued the ability make a wide range of major and minor changes to craft the best possible e-commerce platform for their needs. As a Java-based program with object-oriented language and many development guidelines, the customization process is complex.

However, the results provided are one of the major reasons large businesses realize such a high level of success with Hybris. That level of customization extends to product content management as well – businesses have unrivaled power to make changes and create the exact final appearance and functionality they want.

The recent addition of an actively managed SAP Hybris as a service – YaaS – marketplace for customization options and microservice modules that increase functionality gives more choices to businesses. This allows them to craft a version of SAP Hybris that provides the best results.

Full Omnichannel Support
Omnichannel functionality – including support for kiosks, in-store sales and other multichannel concerns – along with a customer service platform mean SAP Hybris does more than just manage the basic elements of a sale. It also supports the processes that lead to and stem from a transaction.

SAP Hybris Commerce can help drive your digital transformation and unify customer processes. It allows for integration of all customer touch points onto a single platform – including mobile, online, call center, social media, point of sale and print – enabling you to deliver exceptional customer experiences.

SAP Hybris Commerce is an enterprise-level solution that offers one of the largest feature sets in the industry. Thanks to its built-in flexibility and extensive customization and integration capabilities, it is the solution of choice for many of the world’s leading B2B and B2C brands.

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