What you missed at B2B Next…

In its second year, B2B Next proved to be a great networking event and a place to learn from your peers. As a sponsor, we were allowed to participate in a series of workshops, 4 to be exact, and were able to gain insight into the issues that many companies…
Sam Cinquegrani
October 9, 2019

Magento 2 Payment Methods

To help developers fully understand why a When starting a new ecommerce project in Magento 2, it’s important to consider which payment platforms to use and how many payment methods to offer to your customers. ObjectWave is here to help with this blog post on Magento 2 payment methods.
Sam Cinquegrani
September 12, 2018

Magento 2 and Progressive Web Applications – A Developer’s Guide

To help developers fully understand why a new frontend technology like Progressive Web Applications (PWA), is needed, we first need to shed some light on the current Magento 2 interface. This developer's guide will breakdown Magento 2 PWA's technology. While Magento’s current front-end technology is showing signs of age, PWA…
Sam Cinquegrani
August 13, 2018