Human Resources and Employee Advocate

Our point of differentiation is our cultural foundation and can do attitude for our customers. The Human Resources and Employee Advocate is the champion of the culture and our company activities and initiatives revolve around this person.

We are seeking an experienced professional with outstanding people skills to manage our personnel and ensure that our human resources programs and initiatives are effective, efficient, and aligned to overall business objectives. Duties include developing and implementing initiatives that include employee development, enhanced job satisfaction, employee grievances, onboarding procedures, HR strategies that support business objectives. These strategies include forecasting staffing needs, mitigating risk, structuring benefit packages, maintaining employee records, managing budgets, designing accountability mechanisms, and overseeing overall employment needs.

The ideal candidate for this role should possess a high work ethic, excellent communication skills, knowledge of labor regulations and HR practices, strategic thinking abilities, strong organizational skills, and excellent interpersonal skills. An exceptional candidate should improve HR processes, implement strategies that support business growth, improve morale and employee retention, enhance safety and wellness, strengthen relations between staff and employers, manage job satisfaction, attract the best recruits, and promote ObjectWave’s values.


    Responsibilities (Your day-to-day):

    • Develop, maintain and support a genuine partnership with the administrative, engineering, sales, and marketing teams serving as an employee advocate, cultural ambassador, subject matter expert, and innovator while championing all aspects of relationship-based problem solving.
    • Responsible for all recruitment and staffing including actively and timely sourcing candidates, maintenance of job postings within budget and staffing guidelines, preparation of all salaried offer letter requests and all salaried/hourly offer letters, leave management, new hire paperwork, onboarding, and outprocessing.
    • Develop and champion all employee relations and employee communication/recognition initiatives.  Examples include employee surveys, employee appreciation and recognition, and affinity groups.
    • Support ObjectWave’s corporate achievement goals and metrics.
    • Lead performance management administration including performance reviews, career planning, and performance improvement plans as needed.
    • Regularly assess training and certification needs and lead professional development efforts and training programs.
    • Develop, update, and implement human resources policies.
    • Maintain staff records.
    • Motivate and support current staff.
    • Manage staff hiring which includes recruiting and negotiating employment agreements.

    Ideal Background/Job Requirements

    Minimum knowledge, skills, abilities, competencies, and qualifications include but are not limited to:

    • Minimum three(3) years as a Human Resources Professional with achievement of a BS/BA Degree in Human Resource Management  or related field.
    • Must possess strong computer skills to include: Word, Excel, PowerPoint.
    • Must possess strong organizational, task-management, employee relations, leadership, problem resolution, creativity, verbal and written communication and presentation skills.
    • Comprehensive knowledge of all applicable federal, state and city employment and labor laws.
    • Naturally outgoing and friendly demeanor with personal commitment and passion for providing employee care.
    • Ability to self-lead in the workplace with natural commitment to continuous improvement.
    • Bilingual with advanced fluency in Spanish preferred (verbal and written).

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