How Beacon Technology and E-commerce Combine

Beacon technology is a powerful tool for retailers. When used correctly, it allows for effective, relevant targeting of individual consumers, providing useful information and attractive incentives to make a purchase.

ObjectWave’s work in developing beacon technology creates a more functional, effective and personalized method to connect with consumers in-store. These enhancements include:

● Increased selectivity of broadcasted information.
● Improved control of the reach and direction of the broadcasted signal and information shared.
● The ability to set numerous, branching rules for interactions.

Tying into e-commerce, CRM platforms, social media and many other sources of customer information to enhance personalization is another major development – one that no other organization offers. We’re the first business to develop such a connection, which allows beacon technology to offer information and promotions in a focused manner. With the right set of rules, beacons can follow completely different paths when interacting with known and unknown customers – and continue to differentiate between known visitors based on existing data.

The beacon experience now bridges the digital and physical commerce channels, connecting customers to valuable resources and encouraging an in-person purchase. Consider these market indicators and how beacon commerce taps into them:

● 91 percent of customers prefer shopping at brick-and-mortar locations.
● 4 of 5 visitors use smartphones in-store.
● 80 percent of smartphone owners express a desire for more mobile-optimized product information while shopping.

Our recent improvements rendered the most common complaints about beacon technology obsolete. Retailers no longer need to worry about beacons that broadcast signals too far or wide and annoy customers uninterested in a specific product. Nor do they have to be concerned about the consumer perception that push notifications from beacons can overwhelm visitors and feel too spammy.

With assistance and support from our partners Gimbal and Zebra, we offer a more useful and successful form of beacon technology, one that focuses on personalization, increased relevance for customers and better, more effective results for the retailers using them.