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Amazon closing Quidsi

ObjectWave CEO Sam Cinquegrani was interviewed for this article on Amazon’s decision to shutter Quidsi.

Jacqueline Renfrow, Fierce Retail

Amazon keeps up the momentum in Middle East

ObjectWave CEO Sam Cinquegrani was interviewed for this article on Amazon’s agreement to buy Dubai-based internet retailer

Jacqueline Renfrow, Fierce Retail

How Ecommerce Sites Can Hyperpersonalize

When executed effectively by e-commerce merchants, hyper-personalization offers a host of benefits. More effective individual targeting of customers boosts…

authorSam Cinquegrani

El eCommerce comienza con un buen proyecto de plataforma: ObjectWave

Pilar Mercado, directora general de México y Latinoamerica de ObjectWave, compañía de servicios para implementar plataformas digitales en comercio electrónico y marketing digital, dijo en entrevista para The IT Profile que “el nombre del juego hoy ‘son trajes a la medida’, ya no son mercados masivos a los que se dirige un producto tecnológico”.

The eMag

Are You A Digital Or An Analog CMO?

Are You A Digital Or An Analog CMO? CPL, CPA, CPC, CTR. How often do you find yourself turning to digital metrics like these to measure your marketing performance? Some…

authorPatrick Kuehn
SVP Sales & Marketing

Turbocharging E-commerce Performance

Companies know they need to regularly examine the wide range of distinct areas that form the larger e-commerce experience — from considerations like search engine…

authorSam Cinquegrani

When Building a B-to-B Site, Think B-to-C

The business world is undergoing a seismic shift toward digital commerce, forcing companies in all industries to rethink the way they connect with their customers…

authorSam Cinquegrani

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